People in Boulder need to learn how to friggin’ shop!  Support your local businesses bro.


It’s been so long since I’ve written on here I can’t decide whether to just start writing about the day to day stuff in my life or to take some time to go back and reflect on all the things that have happened in the past year.  I guess since it is the New Year a little time spent reflecting on what I did and experienced to get here can’t hurt.

So I guess the question is what should I reflect on?  Topo Ranch, trips back to Vermont, relationships past and present, finally living right on the beach, figuring out the things that make me happy and doing them on a daily basis, Fluid Ski Surf, family events, my brother, the weather, etc….

While I figure that out you can read about my latest trip to the grocery store below, and I’ll see you soon.  Hopefully some sooner then others.

Well now that I’m back in to the daily routine, I went for a run when I got home from work today and realized I had no food to eat after said run.  Just so happened that I received a coupon in the mail today for 5 bucks off at the new Fresh & Easy supermarket in town.  Who said coupon mailers don’t work?

As you can guess this budget minded beach boy headed down to check it out.  I can safely say that this is where I will be doing most of my grocery shopping for the remainder of my time at the beach.  This is how a store should be, enviromentally friendly, great prices, easy to prepare meals, and you scan and bag everything yourself.  When asked to comment on the store here’s what the manager had to say,

“People want fresh and healthy food choices. People want things to be easy. So we’re making our stores that way. By recruiting friendly people and offering high-quality food at budget prices. We also think people might like some inspiration, so we’re creating easy-to-prepare meals and sharing Fresh & Easy Ideas that make busy lives easier. Because we’re a good neighbor who cares about the environment, we’re including energy efficient equipment in our stores and operations. And since we’re a neighborhood market, we recruit from the local area, reduce travel time, and encourage neighborhood shopping.”

One of the coolest things is that all their prepared meals contain no artifcial flavors or preservatives.  The best part was the fact that you actually ring everything up yourself, run it down the conveyer belt, and bag your own groceries.  Maybe that’s why it’s so affordable, we don’t have to pay a luxury tax on being completely useless well someone else does shit we’re completely capable of and should be doing ourselves.  Instead of standing there in line talking on the phone, about stuff that can probably wait till we get home.  Believe me, I could write an entire website dedicated to all the completely dumb things people do out here on a daily basis.

So the next time your trying to decide where to go for groceries, instead of spending to much money and the entire time talking on your phone, hang up the cell and go to Fresh & Easy and do something for yourself for a change.

Have you ever known someone your whole life, and one day you look at them in a different way or see them in a new light and realize their full potential and how truly amazing they really are?

That’s what I did when I was home in Vermont, and now there’s no turning back.


Can you see it?



I haven’t written anything in almost a year.  Believe me it’s driving me nuts, and now I finally have some time to write again so count on seeing something this coming week.  In the mean time go to,

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See you soon.

Alright everyone time to Rally for one. Next Friday the 21st this is a must attend for one hell of a dance night. Or you can always just post a comment with an excuse as to why you can’t make it……
DJ Jimmy James & Kascade will be DJing @ Venezia in Redondo Beach
DJ Jimmy James from 9:30 – 11:00
Kascade from 11:00 – Close